Word Saturation

The written Word of God is the ultimate source of all truth; it is the ultimate authority over our lives. Therefore, everything we believe and practice as followers of Jesus and as the church must be made subject to the Scriptures. Obedience to the full counsel of God’s Word is the only pathway to life.

Prayer Dependence

When the people of God pray, the hand of God moves. The only effective churches are the ones that pray. God desires to pour out His power and provision when His people pray in faith according to His will. As disciples of Jesus, we have this great privilege and responsibility—to prayerfully depend upon God for all we need as we follow Jesus. 

Christ-Centered Community

Through the spilled blood of Jesus, we have been restored to a right relationship with God. But we have also been reconciled to one another as a new people. In Christ, we have been set free to love one another as Christ has loved us. Every local church should be a beautiful picture of the diversity of God’s family—people from all walks of life growing in unity and holiness.

Gospel Proclamation

Only the Gospel of Jesus saves. Without hearing the timeless, all-sufficient message of Christ crucified, humanity has no hope. Jesus has commissioned his church to proclaim the Good News of what God has done to save sinners to Himself, and to make disciples of all nations. Our love for Jesus and the new lives we have found in Him must overflow in joyous proclamation of the One who has loved and saved us.