Vision of Glory Chad Cronin | Isaiah 6:1-8
In this sermon on Isaiah 6, we learn the importance of having a clear vision of God’s holiness and the transformative power of experiencing His grace and freedom. Go to Sermon
The Way Of Life Chad Cronin | Matthew 7:15-29
In this sermon on Matthew 7:15-29, Jesus warns about false prophets and emphasizes the importance of knowing Him and building our lives on His teachings. Go to Sermon
Our Great Need Chad Cronin | Matthew 7:7-14
In this sermon, Jesus reminds us to ask, seek, and knock, with the assurance that our Heavenly Father will provide. He also encourages us to love others as ourselves, for this is the essence of the law and the prophets. Jesus emphasizes the narrow path of following Him, acknowledging that it may be difficult, but promising that those who diligently seek Him will find Him. Go to Sermon
Judging Well Chad Cronin | Matthew 7:1-6
In this sermon on Matthew 7:1-6, we explore the concepts of self-judgment and judging others in the context of Christianity. We highlight the importance of self-awareness and recognition of one’s own imperfections, along with the need to correct and help others overcome their sins in a humble and loving manner based on Jesus’ teachings. It is underlined that, in order to escape God’s judgement, we must learn how to judge ourselves and others rightly. Go to Sermon
If Christ Is In Our Midst Chad Cronin | Revelation 2:1-7
In this sermon on Revelation 2:1-7, we are reminded that as a church, we must maintain zeal and obedience to Christ and not lose our first love. Jesus warns the church in Ephesus that they have abandoned their love for Him and calls them to repent and do the works they did at first. We are encouraged to live a life of holiness and love, fueled by our deep love for Jesus. Go to Sermon
In Time of Need Chad Cronin | Matthew 6:25-34
In this sermon on Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus teaches us not to be anxious and to trust in God’s provision. Anxiety is a fruitless and faithless labor, but when we remember who God is and seek His kingdom, He will take care of our needs. Go to Sermon
What to do, and how not to do it. Chase Comeaux | Matthew 6:16-24
In this sermon on Matthew 6:16-24, we learn about the importance of fasting and how to do it properly. We are warned against seeking the praise and approval of others, and reminded that earthly treasures are temporary and ultimately unsatisfying. Our focus should be on storing up treasures in heaven and serving God above all else. Go to Sermon
The Lord’s Prayer Chad Cronin | Matthew 5:9-16
In this sermon on Matthew 6, Jesus teaches us how to pray. He emphasizes the importance of praying for God’s glory, provision, and deliverance. We are reminded that God is our loving Father, who hears our prayers and desires to meet our needs. We are encouraged to trust in God’s sovereignty and to seek His will in every aspect of our lives. Go to Sermon
The Hidden Life Chad Cronin | Matthew 6:1-8
In this sermon on the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches about the hidden life of righteousness and warns against practicing righteousness to be seen by others. He emphasizes the importance of secret deeds and secret prayer, done with humility and dependence on God. Jesus encourages his followers to seek the reward of eternal significance that comes from living for God and not for human approval. Go to Sermon
Love Perfected Chad Cronin | Matthew 5:38–48
In this sermon on Matthew 5:38-48, Jesus teaches about perfect love and surrendering our rights. He challenges us to love our enemies, forgive those who wrong us, and give generously. He calls us to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect. Go to Sermon