When Temptation Calls Chad Cronin | Matthew 4:1-11
In this sermon on Matthew chapter 4, we learn about Jesus’ interactions with Satan and how He withstood temptation. Jesus teaches us the importance of waiting on God, remembering His faithfulness, and worshiping Him alone. Go to Sermon
Wisdom & Words Chad Cronin | Proverbs 12:18
In this sermon on Proverbs 12:18, the speaker discusses the power of words and the responsibility of Christians to use their words wisely. He emphasizes the importance of speaking life-giving words and refraining from speaking life-taking words. Go to Sermon
The Spirit-Filled Life Chad Cronin | Matthew 3:13–17
In this sermon on Matthew 3:13-17, the preacher discusses the importance of living a Spirit-filled life and the need for righteousness in the Christian walk. Go to Sermon
True Repentance Chad Cronin | Matthew 3:1-12
In this sermon on Matthew 3:1-12, John the Baptist preaches about the importance of true repentance to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Go to Sermon
Sorrow, Suffering, and The Kingdom of God Chad Cronin | A look at Matthew 2:13-23
In this sermon on Matthew chapter 2, we discuss the suffering, sorrow, and the kingdom of God. Jesus came to bring a specific kind of freedom and requires our total devotion. Go to Sermon
The Clash of The Kingdoms Chad Cronin | Matthew 2:1-12
In Matthew chapter 2, we explore the nature of God’s kingdom versus man’s kingdom through the story of King Herod and the wise men. We discuss two key ideas. Firstly, when God’s kingdom comes close, it challenges our lesser lives and exposes the frailty of our little kingdoms. Secondly, it reminds us of the worthiness of God’s king. The sermon introspects our allegiances and challenges us to offer our very best to Jesus, recognizing His worthiness and ultimate kingship. Go to Sermon
The Birth of Christ Chad Cronin | Matthew 1:18-25
This sermon discusses the importance of fully committing to and obeying Jesus in our lives, using the example of Joseph’s obedience and Jesus’ unique life as the Son of God and Son of David. Go to Sermon
The Life of Christ Chad Cronin | Matthew 1:1
In this sermon, we explore the genealogy of Jesus Christ and the significance of Abraham and David in his lineage. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise and the promised king who brings life and redemption to all who believe in him. Go to Sermon