The Two Witnesses Chad Cronin | Revelation 11:1-13
In this sermon on Revelation chapter 11, the speaker discusses the preservation of God’s people and the power of the Spirit in their lives. Go to Sermon
God’s Everlasting Love Chase Comeaux | Judges 10:6-11:1
In this sermon on Judges chapter 10, we learn that God loves His children even though they are guilty of repeated sin and compromise. Go to Sermon
Following Godly Leadership Chris Price | Judges 3:7-11
In this sermon on Judges chapter 3, we discuss the importance of godly leadership and the need for believers to be diligent students of God’s Word. We are reminded to lead in a way that is pleasing to God and to be cautious of the voices we allow to speak into our lives. The sermon also points to Jesus as our ultimate deliverer and encourages believers to follow Him faithfully. Go to Sermon
The Word Lives Forever Chad Cronin | Revelation 10
In this sermon on Revelation chapter 10, the preacher discusses how the Word of God stands forever, remaining the same and authoritative amidst a changing world. The sermon emphasizes the importance of fully receiving and submitting to the Word of God in our lives. Go to Sermon
The Seven Trumpets (Part 2) Chad Cronin | Revelation 9:1-21
In this sermon on Revelation 9, Pastor Chad discusses the fifth and sixth trumpets, which bring unbearable judgments from God on the wicked. These trumpets reveal the severity of God’s punishment and the urgency of repentance. Go to Sermon
The Seven Trumpets (Part 1) Chad Cronin | Revelation 8:6-13
In this sermon on Revelation 8, the pastor discusses the four trumpets of judgment and their implications for believers. He emphasizes the need for humility, investing in God’s eternal kingdom, celebrating the destruction of the wicked, and having a sense of urgency in evangelism. The sermon also includes a call for the congregation to participate in a mission trip to Guatemala. Go to Sermon
Silence in the Heavens Chad Cronin | Revelation 8:1-5
In this sermon on Revelation 8:1-5, the speaker discusses the significance of the silence in heaven after the opening of the seventh seal. He emphasizes the reverence and awe that should be felt when encountering the presence of God. The sermon also highlights the power of prayer and the effectiveness of prayers offered with a heart that seeks God’s glory. Go to Sermon
What’s Most Important Bill Klein | 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
In this sermon, the speaker emphasizes the importance of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ and how it profoundly affects all aspects of our lives. Go to Sermon
Do you Believe? Chad Cronin | John 14:1-7
On Easter Sunday, the sermon delved into John chapter 14, pondering upon the themes of trouble and faith. The sermon invited the congregation to trust in Jesus despite life’s adversities and to believe that trusting in Christ is the same as trusting in God. Christ, being the embodiment of perfection, is the only way to the Father, he is the ‘way, truth and life’. He becomes the believers’ security in this life and the one to come through his death, resurrection and ascension. Go to Sermon
The Ever Present God Chad Cronin |
In this sermon on Revelation 7, we discuss the theme of the ever-present God and how He is in control of all suffering and destruction. The sermon encourages believers to have faith and courage in the midst of trials, knowing that God is with them and working all things for their good. Go to Sermon